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Advanced Myofascial Release

Specializing in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal therapy. Focus on alleviating chronic holding patterns which create pain and stress. Feel taller, lighter and increase your range of motion. Most patients feel an floating sensation following a myofascial release session.

Advanced Prenatal Therapist

Prenatal massage combines lymphatic strokes (which helps to reduce swelling in the limbs and increase circulation), with Swedish work which is a light but firm touch. Reducing the stress and tension in the mother can help to ease the birth.

Combined Therapeutic Massage

A unique combination of myofascial release, sports, deep tissue, shiatsu, craniosacral, swedish, lymphatic and reflexology massage techniques are combined to create a massage that is right for you!

Therapeutic Equine Massage

The therapeutic application of hands-on massage therapy for athletic horses.

Certifications & Licenses

California License since 2013

Hawaii License since 2012

Nationally Certified since 2012

National Holistic Institute graduate 2004

Alaska License since 2003

American Massage Therapy Association since 2003

Nationally Licensed Equine Body Worker since 2016

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Advanced Myofascial Release
Advanced Prenatal Therapist
Therapeutic Equine Massage


Nationally certified
AMTA member since 2003
Licensed in California, Alaska & Hawaii
Nationally Licensed Equine Body Worker

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